CONCRE Transparent LED Display Shines In Jiangsu

The outdoor LED display is limited more and more, so it takes long time from applying to installation and the government does not approve in some parts sometimes.
Transparent LED display with high light transmittance, it won’t influence the indoor lighting. And it’s pretty suitable to install in the indoor glass wall. The transparent LED display brightness also is 4500nits due to the breakthrough of SMD technology, it could use in outdoor totally.
Project name: 4S shop in Jiangsu
LED Display Size: 18sqm
Product: P10.4 Transparent LED Screen
The features of Transparent LED display: Permeability is 60% -90%, translucent, ventilation, does not affect the lighting and line of sight.   Modern transparent LED display has all kinds of types, the structure is complex, the size isn’t the same, the standard cabinet couldn’t meet the needs of all projects , CONCRE can be customized the best product solution according to the real situation, to ensure the permeability of transparent LED display, completeness of display and consistency.
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