Floor LED display use durable die-casting structure, high wear resistance resin mask, so you can put it on the ground and walk on it. The overall seal design, IP65 waterproof, quick disassembly of the modular design , they makes install and maintain be simpler. The product in the application add virtual software interactive technology can have extremely powerful function to create extraordinary superior effect of simulate scene.

Stage LED Dance Floor

Teh Module Structure, Seamlessly Create, Height Adjustable.

Closely Seal Heat Dissipation Design

Complete elimination of moire phenomenon by closely seal heat dissipation design, IP65 waterproof, and unique spot spray treatment.

High Brightness

Gray grade is more than 13bit, high brightness can be get 3500nits, colorful and vivid display effect, good quality SMD chip, bigger beam angle, better watched effect.

High color reproduction

VGA synchronization technology, screen display content is the same with computer, easy to change the display videos or pictures.

Super High Weight Bearing Capacity

Super high weight bearing capacity which can easily support a car driving though them. Weight bearing capacity of one cabinet as high as 2150KG, weight bearing capacity of one square meter as high as 2.5Tonelada.


Floor LED display widely used in hall ,square, showroom, stage, bar, shopping malls, catwalks. It can be used for fixed installation and rental events.

Stage Rental or Fixed LED Dance Floor Product Parameter

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