Pixel Pitch: 2.98mm/3.91mm/4.8mm


Module Size: 250*250*(17/18)mm

Cabinet Size: 500*500*70mm

Cabinet Weight: 7kg

Indoor Rental LED Screen Gallery

Light and thin design

LED Display Cabinet size 500*500mm, weight <7KG, Cast Aluminum material, the thickness of the box is only 68mm, high strength, toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation.

Two-Way Maintenance

In order to meet the various aspects of the rental led screen field,a new generation of rental led display design for two-way maintenance,from the front and back of the screen can come up with the unit board and power supply,it will more easy for repairing.

Super Wide Viewing Angle

140 degrees of wide viewing angle, viewing position arbitrary

High Refresh No Ghosting

Refresh frequency >2000Hz, with professional IC can be 2200Hz, a new mask design, contrast up to 3000.

Seamless Splicing Perfect Picture Quality

Using a unique connector, the cabinet gap can be adjusted to show the perfect picture quality, accuracy ± 0.1mm, easy to achieve Seamless splicing.

Quick Installation

Quick installation dimensions are constructed at will The cabinet up and down around the use of fast locker , 10 seconds to complete a cabinet installation.

Indoor Rental LED Screen Product Parameter

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