The outdoor LED display is limited more and more, so it takes long time from applying to installation and the government does not approve in some parts sometimes. Transparent LED display with high light transmittance, it won’t influence the indoor lighting. And it’s pretty suitable to install in the indoor glass wall. The transparent LED
Indoor small pixel pitch LED display has developed very fast in recent years. More and more indoor places are using LED Display to replace projector, LCD, etc, which is popular in previous time. With distinct advantages such as seamless splicing, self-illumination, Low brightness hig gray grade,vivid colors, the showing effect of indoor HD LED display
On the night of August 26, 2017, reviewing the old classical songs, feeling the power of rock, the famous Chinese artist Wu Bai and ChinaBlue Orchestra live performances, has become one of the classic in Chinese music world which everyone can not miss. The scene picture of LED display. It was an honour for Concre
Because of its large size, wide Angle of view, high brightness and bright colors, the LED display screen has a wide range of applications in monochrome marking and full-color display. With the development of LED technology, LED display to highlight advantages to become the mainstream of a flat panel display products, in finance, such as