CONCRE Indoor P1.25 Super HD LED Video Wall

CONCRE Indoor Super HD LED Video Wall Featrues:
Die-Casting Aluminum Design
Adopting high strength die-casting aluminum materials, a integrated, by CNC precision machining,cabinet flatness achieve 0.01 mm grade.

No Gap, Looks Flat
Achieve seamless stitching feeling, complete picture, enjoy the perfect picture quality.

16:9 Golden Division Ratio
It can be point to point spliced to the LED Display of standard 720P,1080P,2160P,3840P,etc.

Dual Backup Interface and Challenging All Possibilities
Supporting Dual Control System,Dual Power Supply backup,Autoatically Switch the Picture in an LED screen when it occurs any problems to make sure a stable and reliable image.

Light Like The Feather,Colorful Like The Painting

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